The Perks and Pitfalls of Drone Photographer’s Lifestyle


Petr and Micah talk about the perks and pitfalls of Drone Photographer’s Lifestyle and what to expect when considering the career of a Drone Photographer.

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From funny observations to serious considerations, we share how becoming full time drone photographers affected our lifestyles, and our advice to people considering becoming professional drone photographers.

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  1. It was a great and informative podcast guys, thanks so much for your time on this. I have one question regarding this topic. As someone who is at “ground zero” in this industry, and still developing flying skills with a very cheap drone and camera. Once I feel confident with my flying and fpv skills on the cheap drone, Is it better to make the jump immediately to a high end and very expensive drone, or should I take another stepping stone and get something much better, say, a $500 drone and work with that for a while before moving to a $1200+ bird?

    • Hi Richard, thank you, glad you found the segment helpful. The answer to your question comes down to what you’re trying to do moving forward. The $500-$1200 range will get you a nice pro-sumer single operator drone. If you’re looking to get into more professional photography and/or videography, the Phantom 4Pro is a great next step as it gives you many camera features seen on SLR cameras (full manual, aperture control, focus), and helps you learn all this on budget. If you’re already a skilled photographer/videographer with good understanding of SLR cameras and your budget allows that, the Inspire line may be a good choice.


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