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SE3EP08 Video Editing Programs and Workflow | Using ND Filters and Polarizers | BTS-NBC Helicopter Drone Promo Shoot | Follow-up – When is it Necessary to Fly Red and Cinema Cameras

SE3EP08 Drone Photography Podcast
SE3EP08 Drone Photography Podcast

In this episode we talk about Video Editing Software and Workflow, using ND filters with drone cameras, Micah shares a behind the scenes story from a helicopter drone chase, and we follow-up on some comments about our Heavy-Lift drone segment.

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Show Notes – Links to Segment Blog Posts, Videos

Workflow – Video Editing Software and Workflow Tips

Behind the Scenes – Chasing a Helicopter with a Drone for NBC News Promo Video

Gear – ND Filters and Polarizers for Drone Cameras – What are They for and When to Use Them?

Drone Talk – Follow-up: When Is it Really Necessary to Fly RED or Other Cinema Cameras on Heavy Lift Drones?

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