When Is it Really Necessary to Fly RED or other Cinema Cameras on Drones?


Petr and John Kopec discuss whether it’s really necessary and when it’s appropriate to fly heavy lift drones with RED, Alexa, and other cinema camera and lens packages. Are DJI Inspire 2 with X7 camera and CINESSD a viable and even better alternative when considering the abilities and features of the entire camera/drone package?

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  1. Hello and how are you?
    My first time watching Drone Photography Podcast. I enjoyed “When Is it Really Necessary to Fly RED or other Cinema Cameras on Drones?” very much on “Gear”. Straight forward and honest. I have subscribed and will be following.
    Allow me to share my personal thoughts on this video:
    A)The guest speaker’s face was hidden behind the “large” microphone. I personally found it to be annoying while watching. The host was well situated to the right (of the screen) so it was ok with him.
    B)I would have liked to see a “Red camera” a “pro lens” or a “movi gimbal” when they are mentioned.
    That’s all and I will be looking forward to watching more of your videos.

    • Hi! Thank you for reaching out and your comments, glad you enjoy the show.
      I appreciate the feedback about the video, gotta admit, I do have to pay more attention to the way we position ourselves in the frame.
      The video part is a recent addition to our audio Podcast, and the plan is to expand the videos beyond just the frame of the two of us as we move forward.


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