Is Working with Drone Job Websites and Networks like Dronebase and Thumbtack Worth It?


We discuss whether and when is working with Drone job websites and networks worth it and Micah covers his experience with Dronebase and Thumbtack job referral websites.

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  1. Great pod cast thanks for covering. I have been using thumbtack and only have received one job. Most of the time the clients want more for less to the point it is not worth the effort or time. I wait for the really good ones where a client is willing to pay a decent price for real work and try to get them but that may be once every 6 months or so. Most of the request are for 1 to 2 min fully edited video and / or 30+ images for less than $200.

    • Thank you for your kind words and chiming in with a comment. We get similar answers from many of our friends and listeners. The hope is that the clients will “self-educate” , just like with everything else, you get what you pay for. Cheers!


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